While offshoring legal services is gaining acceptance, several law firms and corporates still have apprehensions about offshoring. Data security is the biggest concern of law firms as well as corporates that currently offshore as well as those that are considering to offshore. In our recent survey of US and UK law firms, data security and privacy emerged as the primary concerns of buyers of offshore legal services.

In order to understand the expectations of law firms from the service providers with respect to data security, we spoke to a number of law firms and corporate counsels to understand their expectations from an offshore legal service provider. In parallel, we also researched the service provider segment to identify the gap between reality and perception of law firms and corporate counsels.

This paper examines the worries and fears of law firms regarding offshoring and data security measures adhered by some of the leading offshore legal service providers in India. The report is designed to help: 

  • Law Firms, Corporations, Lawyers looking to outsource/offshore
  • Outsourcing consultants
  • Offshored legal service providers to understand the buyer concerns
  • Researchers looking for information on legal services outsourcing


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Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Data Security – The Primary Concern of Buyers!  
3. What are Buyers Worried About?
4. Indian Legal System and Privacy Protection  
4.1    The Information Technology Act, 2000
4.2    NASSCOM
5. Is Your Data Safe with the Offshore Service Providers?
5.1    Protective Measures by Service Providers
5.2    Certifications
5.3    SLAs – Crucial for Outsourcing Partnerships!
6. Reality or Perception?
7. Research Methodology   
7.1    Data Collection
7.2    Data Analysis
8. About ValueNotes
8.1    Research Publications
8.2    Recent Custom Projects

Table Of Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Data security is the primary concern
Exhibit 2: Data security measures
Exhibit 3: Certifications
Exhibit 4: Certifications by LPOs
Exhibit 5: Important aspects

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