Apr 2011: In the last few years, the publishing industry has witnessed tremendous change. For publishers, the digital market presents a holistic solution – one that opens a channel of revenue with non-linear growth, and ensures minimal costs of production and sales. To address this, however, requires a paradigm shift that will need publishers to revisit how they produce, distribute and deal with the economics of the digital market. To understand the impact of incorporating digital offerings by publishers, ValueNotes considered various aspects of their workflow – production, distribution and maintaining the integrity of intellectual property. The report provides comprehensive insights on various aspects on how publishers are addressing the digital market.

Key findings of the report include –

  • Four in five publishers globally are already producing digital content
  • PDF continues to be the most popular digital format, with a majority of publishers indicating that ‘universal’ accessibility was a driving factor for choosing formats
  • Third-party bookstores/channels such as those offered by Amazon, Apple, Google and Sony are preferred, but there is a growing need to develop online bookstores

– To download a complimentary copy of the report, please follow this link

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