A career with an Indian LPO was the least preferred among the students of law school, according to a recent survey conducted by ValueNotes.

This is despite the fact that 45% of the respondents felt that the pay package at an LPO was better as compared to law firms. While there has been significant media hype about legal services outsourcing, it was surprising that a large number of students pursuing law were either unaware of offshore legal services (better known as LPO) or they did not consider it as a preferred career choice.

This report provides an understanding of the perceptions of law students on pursuing a career in the offshore legal services (LPO industry) and provides action items for service providers on how to address this issue.

The report is based on interviews and discussions with service providers and an extensive survey among law students and faculty members at leading law schools.


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Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Growing Demand for Talent
2.1   Domestic Legal Sector: Expansion of India desks
2.2   Corporations: Expanding Legal Needs
2.3   Offshore Legal Services Industry: A Growing Market
2.4   International Law Firms: New Avenues
3. Supply Side
3.1  Law Schools
4. LPO as a Career Choice
4.1   Awareness
4.2   Preferred Career Choice
4.3   Opinion about LPOs
4.4   Salary and Benefits
5. Recommendations
5.1    Protective Measures by Service Providers
5.2    Certifications
5.3    SLAs – Crucial for Outsourcing Partnerships!
6. Research Methodology
7. About ValueNotes

Table Of Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Manpower Estimates
Exhibit 2: Number of Law Graduates
Exhibit 3: Statistics of Law Colleges
Exhibit 4: Legal Career Options
Exhibit 5: Have you heard about LPOs?
Exhibit 6: Career Options – Ranking
Exhibit 7: LPO as a Career
Exhibit 8: Opinion about the kind of work at an LPO
Exhibit 9: Salary at an LPO
Exhibit 10:Salary: Indian law firm and LPO
Exhibit 11 Salary and Glamour Gradient

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