February 2010: This white paper analyses some key global trends in investor appetite, as well as the evolving shifts in asset management. Some of the important points the white paper discusses include:


  • The rise of socially responsible investing (SRI), and the general rules that influence the SRI stock pick strategy. Certain indicators that point to SRI success are discussed, such as the fact that fund sizes are growing and investment performance has held up.
  • Faith-based investing is on the rise as religious doctrines continue to increase their sphere of influence
  • The search for new / alternative areas of investment has gained prominence, with property derivatives and asset based lending in the lead
  • Fund management is also undergoing challenges that influence current business models, such as the changing fund distribution landscape and fund performance measures


While investment managers are not completely deviating from commercial considerations, it is imperative that they spot emerging trends to meet the growing and evolving investor demand. But not all trends and forecasts actualise. In conclusion, the white paper addresses the essential question – So, how are fund managers to know the bubbles to avoid and the banyan saplings to nurture?



To download a complimentary copy of this white paper, please follow this link

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