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With new Government reforms set to improve the state of affairs in India, this edition brings you our take on everything that has been making the news recently.

Sayli Vaidya blogs about whether the recent FDI retail reforms could be the answer to India’s persistent cold chain infrastructure woes.

Tejaswee Shrestha discusses how the residential construction industry will drive the country’s waste water treatment business in the years to come.

Sameer Murdeshwar writes about crime analytics or ‘predictive policing’ coming to the rescue of cities struggling with soaring crime rates.

In our latest white paper, ‘The Outsourcing Imperative for Publishers’, ValueNotes seeks to address the problems of magazine and newspaper publishers looking to outsource ad production.

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FDI in multi-brand retail is Heating up the Cold (Chain Sector)
– by Sayli Vaidya
India was the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world in 2010-11, with post-harvest losses and wastages estimated at 5.8% to 18%. The lack of cold chain infrastructure was identified as the main problem. Now that multi-brand retail is on the verge of becoming a reality in India, along with a mandate of 50% investment in backend infrastructure, will the problem finally be addressed?
Quick, call Analytics! We have a crime to detect
– by Sameer Murudeshwar
A cursory online search on crime rates reveals terrifying statistics on rising crime rates across the world. With crime analytics or ‘predictive policing’ to the rescue now, cities all over the world are experiencing a noticeable decrease in crime. IBM has been a forerunner in this space with its ‘Smarter Cities’ programme helping a number of agencies detect crimes worldwide. Will this bring in a new wave of public-private partnerships leading to safer cities worldwide?
Residential construction industry to drive the waste water treatment business in the country
– by Tejaswee Shrestha
The residential construction business in India grew by 12% CAGR in the last eight years, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the country, causing water management to become a key concern for municipalities and environmentalists. The gap between waste water generated and current installed treatment capacity is as high as 23000 million litres per day. With only a few state governments making waste water treatment plants mandatory, there exists an extremely lucrative opportunity for the waste water treatment industry.
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