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In May, our attempt to spread awareness about Competitive Intelligence (CI) in the business community, we continued with our third webinar, ‘Best Practices for Successful CI Partnerships’. In her latest ,blog Varsha Chitale throws light on the major effect that politics has on the business community and why it is essential to factor it into CI analysis.Chintan Ghuntla blogs about the transformation of the African markets from a raw-material supplier to a demanding consumer. He explains how Indian companies are in an advantageous position to fulfil this enormous demand. Arun Jethmalani blogs about the sorry state of financial awarenessamong urban Indians. He points to a fundamental lacuna in how we Indians think about investments.Read on to find out how ValueNotes helped an international payment solution provider tap a USD 350bn (2015) opportunity.

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Africa: The next gold rush?
– by Chintan Ghuntla
VNC 1 Africa is witnessing geo political changes never before experienced by the continent in history. From being a sort of raw-material supplier to the world, Africa is turning into a consumer demanding goods and services. It is a huge potential market of over a billion people, with latent demand that is expected to show over the coming years. Companies from India are uniquely positioned to benefit from this huge market.
Why politics deserves greater mindshare of CI in India
– by Varsha Chitale
VNC 2 Politics affects business in very real ways, and this is becoming increasingly apparent in India. The Indian IT software industry grew “despite the government”. This, in part, has led to the segregation of politics and business into separate compartments in our minds. If CI wants to be truly “actionable”, it needs to incorporate politics and its impact on government policy and regulation more directly.
Urban Indians’ financial planning flawed
– by Arun Jethmalani
Even as we appear to be increasingly aware of the need for financial planning, our awareness or knowledge of fundamental financial needs is limited. Given the recent volatility in financial markets, this is quite surprising – and points to a fundamental lacuna in how we Indians think about investments. It’s time to educate ourselves. And our children. This knowledge might well turn out to be more useful than how to crack an engineering entrance exam!
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