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Trust you are well. We’d like to inform you of the latest updates at ValueNotes through our monthly newsletter. Much of the activity this monsoon has been centred on competitive intelligence – be it the SCIP India Chapter, commissioned CI research, or our upcoming CI webinar in July.

Below you will find snapshots of our most recent custom research engagements, articles, past and upcoming events, our analysts in the news, and links to our published research. As always, we thank you for taking the time to go through this, and we actively seek your feedback on any of our work.

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Catching the pulse of the Indian pharma market
– by Sayli Vaidya
With global pharmaceutical markets registering sluggish growth, multinational companies have shifted their attention to emerging markets like India. Economic growth, increasing healthcare expenditure and an improved Intellectual Property framework have made India an attractive destination. Whichever strategy they adopt – organic or inorganic – the most important thing they need to do is to catch the pulse of Indian customers.
EVs as the future of the automotive industry in India
– by Chintan Ghuntla
The past few years have been excellent for the automotive industry in India. However sales have started stagnating in the last couple of quarters as a result of rising fuel prices and pollution due to vehicular emissions. Both, the industry and consumers are looking for viable alternatives for personal mobility. In India, the Reva looks very promising. Electric vehicles on Indian roads are expected to be a common sight by as early as 2015.
Building Indian roads: Not so gloomy anymore
– by Jaslene Bawa
Road infrastructure development in India is fraught with pitfalls such as land acquisition rules, lengthy and unhelpful procedures, and inadequate supervisory, managerial and financing constraints. However, over the past few years, a silver lining has emerged. The re-election of the government led to a number of initiatives undertaken to facilitate road development. The government set up the BK Chaturvedi Committee (BKCC) in 2009-10.
Business process outsourcing – Skilling up!
– by Jui Narendran
If you were tracking the outsourcing industry, the news of the recent acquisitions (and some mergers), particularly those in the month of May, would have made your head spin! These M&As throw up an interesting trend, that of acquiring to enhance expertise and skills. The underlying rationale of acquiring new clients or adding headcount exists, but outsourcing companies are now acquiring skills – either in the service areas or in terms of verticals.
Digital media in India – Entering the mainstream
– by Sameer Murdeshwar
Marketing in India is poised at a historic juncture where interactive digital media is slowly taking over from traditional mediums such as print, television and radio channels. Marketing professionals need to recognize this change and how they can leverage upon it to improve their business. This has led to leading corporates across India getting on the digital bandwagon by integrating “new media” elements in their traditional “old school” channels.

ValueNotes is working with the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) to start a local chapter in India. Do you want to be a part of this initiative? Please take this survey.
ValueNotes in the news
July 2011: CI webinar – ValueNotes will host a webinar on reliability filters for competitive intelligence. Please mail us for more details.
July 2011: CI event in Bangalore – we are hosting a competitive intelligence seminar in Bangalore for senior executives involved in strategy formulation. For more information, please mail us
June 2011: Varsha Chitale presented at TiE Pune on how CI can be gathered by small businesses.
May 2011: Varsha Chitale conducted aworkshop at the SCIP conference in Florida on a new need-based approach to competitor profiling.
Commissioned research
Some client problems we have solved:
Competitive intelligence for entry into the Indian polymers market
Competitive and regulatory landscape of the casino industry in Goa (India) and Sri Lanka
Assessment of the domestic market for banking, financial services & insurance outsourcing
Competitive intelligence on the R&D footprint of global IT companies in India
Market intelligence on incentive management for retaining panellists
Currents trends of online spending in the Indian market
June 2011: Third party vs. proprietary legal platforms: Where lies the value?
April 2011: The current state of digital content
March 2011: Where offshore analytics is heading in 2011
Outlook Money: The best for your next
Global Services: The offshore analytics landscape
Wall Street Journal: Candy boxes are ok, but no kettles please
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