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In this edition of ValueNotes Connect, Aniket Pargaonkar shares his views on M&A deals in India with us, while Abhishek Sinha tells us why he thinks that there is hope for the Indian banking sector in the new year. Arun Jethmalani blogs about the technological challenges faced by the banking industry, and Deepali Sathe answers the oft asked question of buyer involvement and commitment in outsourcing relationships. Pratik Shah shares his views on the proposed implementation of Direct Taxes Code, with Outlook Money in “Giant Steps in Small Savings”

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The 2011 Indian M&A chronicle – ‘India growth story’ stumbles
– by Aniket Pargaonkar
M&A deals in India fell by more than 50% over 2011, with only 195 deals being announced, compared to nearly 400 deals the previous year. India will see some amount of interest in inbound deals in 2012 as the West continues to be seduced by the ‘India growth story’ – for most of them the option of not being in India does not really exist.
Private Banks in India: The technology advantage
– by Arun Jethmalani
Banks and financial institutions are not just users of technology. They have driven (and continue to drive) innovations in technology. Although, most of us take this technology for granted, no banking or financial transaction today can be completed without technology. What are the two biggest challenges faced by the IT departments of banks and financial institutions today?
Indian Banks: Thou shall rise again
– by Abhishek Sinha
Why would someone like to invest in such volatile markets, especially in the banking sector? This sector is one of the worst performing sectors in 2011. However, according to Abhishek, this sector will be one of the first to turnaround and give decent returns.
Upfront buyer involvement key to a successful outsourcing engagement
– by Deepali Sathe
Many buyers cite a lack of awareness regarding steps for outsourcing engagement as one of the biggest challenges when making a decision to buy KPO services. This has been echoed by vendors who state that sometimes buyers do not have knowledge even about the basics of outsourcing. Deepali answers the oft asked question of buyer involvement and commitment…
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