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In this month’s issue of ValueNotes Connect, we share with you the findings of the 9th waveof the JP Morgan Asset Management – ValueNotes Investment Confidence Index, which shows that retail investment activity in mutual funds inches up.

Haril Joshi highlights the growing opportunities in the Indian compressor market and in the forging industry. On the literary front, Runa Mookerjee takes sides in the war between traditional bookstores and technology. And Aniket Pargaonkar forecasts a high growth rate for India’s control gear market.
Do read on about how our technology expert, Deepti Krishnan, sheds light on the SOPA and PIPA debate, in an interview with CIOL.

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Indian compressor rental market – Sir, can we rent some air?
– by Haril Joshi
Although the compressor rental market has not picked up in recent years, manufacturers in this sector feel that the real growth is yet to happen. Haril estimates that the market will grow by CAGR 15% till 2015. Manufacturers believe that the coming years will see momentum due to a rise in the demand and supply gap of compressors. Players, who understand the Indian customer well, will gain an advantage going ahead…
Brick and mortar publishing: End of an era?
– by Runa Mookerjee
Amazon executive, Russell Grandinetii, wrote, “The only really necessary people in the publishing process now are the writer and reader. Everyone who stands between those two has both risk and opportunity.” Technology is steadily eliminating traditional stakeholders in the publishing industry. So, have bookstores and publishing houses really recognized the threat they are under? Furthermore, where is the opportunity, and what should their next steps be?
Diversification and FDI to drive the Indian forging industry
– by Haril Joshi
Western perceptions towards Indian forging standards and quality have changed. International brands are eyeing opportunities for joint ventures in India. Haril Joshi estimates that the Indian forging industry will touch 4.9mn ton by 2015 due to diversified expansion and FDI. Conditions are becoming ideal for investments, and its high time international forging companies deployed their long awaited plans in India for their ventures.
Electronic ballasts: Master blasters of the Indian control gear industry
– by Aniket Pargaonkar
With incandescent bulbs dying a slow death, the Indian electronic control gear industry is set for a surge. Electronic ballasts have almost completely replaced magnetic ballasts in urban markets. In the next few years this trend is expected to catch up in rural markets as well. Aniket Pargaonkar elucidates…
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