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The bankruptcy of Monitor Group last month surprised many, especially followers of the firm’s founders, management gurus Michael Porter and Mark Fuller. This month, Varsha Chitale tells us what we can learn from their mistakes.

Nidhi Purohit blogs about how e-commerce companies can deal with the problem of ‘returns’ by using smart analytics.

Deepti Krishnan shows us how the publishing industry, which is grappling with low sales, can capitalize on the e-book trend.

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Lessons from Monitor
– by Varsha Chitale
The bankruptcy of the Monitor Group has come as a shock to followers of the strategy gurus who set up the firm – Michael Porter and Mark Fuller. No management education is complete without a cogitation of Porter’s five force model. How then, is it possible that the very firm that advised corporations and governments around the world on business strategy was not able to formulate a strategy for its own survival?
Product returns – Analytics could help reduce a ‘returning’ problem
– by Nidhi Purohit
‘Returns’, something that most e-commerce companies dislike, are the bane of the industry. Understandably so, as they involve repackaging, reimbursing and losses to already narrow profit margins. To remain competitive, a strong return policy is a must and companies will do themselves a disservice if they discontinue it. Using smart analytics on the data for product returns will help companies minimize the number of products returned.
EBooks: The Game Changer
– by Deepti Krishnan
Recent research shows a massive acceleration of e-books adoption by consumers in the final quarter of 2010 and the start of 2011, when e-books took off in earnest. As the publishing industry grapples with low industry book sales, and the impact of the increase in sales of e-books, service providers should anticipate the revenue realizable from conversion of legacy books into the standard e-book formats.
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