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Welcome to December’s issue of ValueNotes Connect.SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) begins its voyage in India with the first meeting being held in Mumbai on the 20th of December. Meetings of the local chapter will provide a platform for the Competitive Intelligence community in India to interact with peers, learn about new techniques, and help organisations manage and analyse information more effectively.

Last month, we received an overwhelming response to the first of a series of training workshops on competitive intelligence. We will begin the new year with workshops on Competitive Benchmarking and Primary Research/Interview Techniques which will be held in Mumbai in January.Do read on about our recent study conducted for a provider of application delivery and performance management services, where we found that 56% of the IT decision-makers in the Indian financial sector do not measure the business impact of the performance of their IT applications!

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The future of the Internet in India
– by Arun Jethmalani
At the INET conference in Bangalore we were treated to a variety of “expert” opinions on the future of the Internet in India. There was the usual tom-tomming about growth, and how with 100+ million users, India is now No. 3 in the global pecking order. Many other similar statistics were trotted out, with the usual sweetener about the still-untapped potential of the 1 billion plus Indian population…read on for Arun’s view on the real problem that the future of internet in India faces.
BPO M&A activity: Warming up to growth
– by Deepali Sathe
The business process outsourcing industry has evolved rapidly over the past few years. With organic growth drying up due to the global financial crisis, companies are looking to inorganic avenues to jump-start growth. Typically, acquirers are companies that are flush with funds, have an aggressive growth and globalisation strategy. This article discusses the diverse reasons for this increase in M&A activity.
Non-existent link between IT performance and business impact in financial sector
– by Shilpa Eguvanti
It is crucial to be able to quantify the business impact of IT application performance in the banking and financial sectors. But it’s unnerving to learn that most of CTOs/CIOs in this sector do not have the means to measure low application performance and the impact it has on their business. In a recent study, we found that 56% of the IT decision-makers in the financial sector don’t measure this business impact.
Education and careers in competitive intelligence in India
– by Varsha Chitale
On the SCIP LinkedIn group I recently came across a survey to identify the education and career moves that can lead a person into the competitive intelligence discipline. It was most interesting to note that many of the competitive intelligence practitioners, even in countries that were more “CI mature” than India, got into their role by accident!
Meeting Invitation: SCIP India (Mumbai) Chapter
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On-the-job training on competitive intelligence at a captive BPO
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Market sizing of compressors in India
20 Dec 2011: SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) begins its voyage in India with its first meeting in Mumbai.
13 Jan 2012: A ValueNotes training workshop on Competitive Benchmarking, to be held in Mumbai.
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Business Standard: Arun Jethmalani comments on the ambiguity in Indian laws for transfer pricing.
Financial Chronicle: Will India be able to grow above 7% this financial year or will it slip below this mark? Varsha Chitale helps answer this question.
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Dec 2011: The utilities sourcing landscape in 2011: Are global utilities outsourcing smarter? – This report, co-authored with HfS, examines the key macroeconomic & business challenges faced by the energy & utilities industry.
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