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“All I’m armed with is research”- Mike WallaceIn business, research is indeed a formidable weapon if used correctly.In this month’s issue, we take a look at how research has helped various companies and sectors, and more importantly, what can go wrong when your research is unreliable, or non-existent.- In 1994, Kellogg’s made an error that cost them millions of dollars. They assumed that India’s 250 million middle class consumers would be an ideal target audience for cereal. But in a country used to traditional fare, cereal was nothing more than an overpriced novelty. Their mistake has taught multinationals a valuable lesson about the importance of reliable research.

– Indian sectors have been seeing the entry of a slew of new competitors from Taiwan, China etc., with new technology and low costs. Large Indian and multinational companies are now facing loss of market share, which is painful, and in a scenario of low or no economic growth, doubly so. How could research on competitors have helped incumbents protect their turf, and what can they do now?

And lastly, we’d like to tell you about our upcoming training workshops –
– 11th October: Market sizing – Understanding different methods to establish the size of a particular market.
– 12th October: Numbers can talk! – How you can use financial documents to uncover what your competitors may not directly disclose.

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How can multinationals formulate effective India strategies?
by Namita Adavi
multinationals Many companies have suffered the consequences of inadequate or poorly conducted market research while formulating strategies. Often, foreign entrants tend to have little practical knowledge of how the Indian markets work. How does a multinational, with no previous experience in India, overcome these challenges?
Track your competitors – Close the stable door before the horse bolts
– by Varsha Chitale
trackg-competitors In the past four years many sectors in India have seen the entry of new competitors from China, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries. They are coming in with low prices and high technology and changing the dynamics of the market. In order to protect their market shares proactively, companies in India need to continuously monitor and track their competitors.
Rising spend on healthcare to drive Saudi medical device market
– by Aniket Pargaonkar
medical-device Currently the Saudi medical devices industry stands at around USD 170m and is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~13% for the next five years to reach around USD 300m by 2017. The growth is expected to ride on the tremendous surge in the healthcare industry in the region where a slew of multi-specialty hospitals and healthcare facilities are expected to come up.
ValueNotes Training Programmes in October 2013
Friday, 11th Oct Market Sizing Find out more…
Saturday, 12th Oct Using Financial Statements
for Competitive Intelligence
Find out more…
knowledge center
Case study: How we helped a global MNC tap the $300m market for their water filtration solution
White paper: Highlighting the challenges faced by the publishing outsourcing sector
Commissioned research
Some client problems we have solved:
Competitive intelligence on global marine P&C insurance
Commodity price tracking for a food packaging MNC
Opportunity assessment for orthopaedic implants & prosthetics
India entry strategy for a manufacturer of electrical contactors
INTEROP 2013 – IT Leads, Business succeeds: ValueNotes has been invited to make a presentation on using Competitive Intelligence tools to improve client acquisition
Asia-Pacific Outsourcing Summit, Malaysia: ValueNotes will present a paper on the research insights into the demand of sourcing services in the Asia-Pacific region
ValueNotes training workshops
Market sizing (11-Oct)
Using financial statements for CI (12-Oct)
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DNA: Rupee at its nadir, but exporters still glum
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