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India has a notorious reputation for being difficult to do business in. From an already abysmal rank of 140 (out of 189 economies), it fell to 142 in the latest Ease of Doing Business report published by the World Bank. The country’s new government and their policy announcements all point to improving this. For starters, they’ve promised to bring down the time required to register a new business from 27 days to just one.

As India grows, the sheer weight of the economy will ensure that most companies will eventually do business in India or with Indians. For an outsider trying to do business with Indians, the journey can be, both frustrating and entertaining (given our many quirks). Arun Jethmalani offers some tips for the uninitiated.

The opportunities that India has to offer are immense. As the economy revives from its slump, coupled with rapid urbanisation, Arun tells us why the construction and building materials industry is likely to be a big beneficiary.

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10 tips for doing business with Indians
by Arun Jethmalani
We Indians have a lot of quirks. No doubt, people from other cultures have their quirks too, but arguably, we have more of them. Maybe it’s because we’ve had thousands of years of civilization to acquire these idiosyncrasies, or simply because we’re relatively isolated from the rest of the world. Whatever be the reasons, for an outsider trying to do business with us Indians, the journey can be both frustrating and entertaining (if you have a sense of humour). As India grows, the sheer weight of the economy will ensure that most of you will eventually do business in India or with Indians. Here are a few tips for the uninitiated…
Opportunities in India – Construction & building products
by Arun Jethmalani
As the Indian economy revives from its slump, portfolio investors as well as corporate entities (both Indian and foreign) are re-evaluating their investment plans. Needless to say, growth rates of 6% per year, or higher, will provide opportunities in almost all sectors. However, these carry different risks. For instance, even if the investment cycle revives, infrastructure will still be bedevilled by issues surrounding land acquisition, environment and other clearances. Among the many sectors, one which I’m quite bullish on is dependent on housing construction.
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