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Welcome to the March issue of ValueNotes Connect.

One year on and the pandemic shows little sign of abating, and vaccination programmes globally are behind the curve. The changes to our work patterns and businesses will be much more long-lasting than we imagined. Some changes will be permanent. One of the most fundamental shifts at the workplace is that we are all more open to working with people who are not in the same room or building. This is creating new opportunities for collaboration, as businesses can exploit talent that’s sitting in a different geography.

Companies have to stay flexible to cope with the crisis: both to maximize their own opportunities, and look at ways to work smarter and save costs. We borrow from our own experience as a research firm, and bring you an integral part of research support – learning to manage research partnerships.

Once you think you’ve found the ideal partner, how do you nurture the relationship? Expectations tend to change with time, and new challenges crop up. It’s human nature to keep expecting things to get better and more efficient. But this does not happen automatically.

If you’re working with a partner who happens to be in a different country, we’d love to hear your thoughts on how you keep the relationship ticking.

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It’s a different world today

by Arun Jethmalani

In today’s inter-connected world, working with partners – often on a different continent, is considered par for the course. Companies, large and small, work with formal and informal networks to stay competitive. Given their scale and historical global presence, the manufacturing and financial sectors are most evolved in terms of how to manage such partnerships seamlessly. The same is not true for professional services, including research. The vast majority still has a long way to go before maximizing the benefits of today’s Flat world.


Deliver the RoI: Build & Sustain

by Arun Jethmalani

If you’re planning to give out a fair quantum of regular work, don’t do it all at one go. In our experience, any such relationship takes up to 3 months to stabilize. It’s not just about the work being delivered, but little things like formats, presentation, communication, MIS’ and such like. Every individual is different, and getting to know each other’s working styles is critical. It’s probably best to start with a limited pilot, and then scale up.



Some client problems we have solved:

  • Market intelligence on the global abortion market
  • Competitive intelligence quarterly reports for a manufacturer of flow control systems
  • Market sizing models for a global hygiene company
  • Opportunity assessment for process digitalization in manufacturing
  • Customer satisfaction survey to gain a competitive edge
  • Market intelligence of applications of industrial safety valves
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