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Competitive intelligence has become a critical function across organisations, particularly in today’s survival-of-the-fittest environment. We all agree on the value that CI offers, but it ceases to be of any worth if it doesn’t feed into a firm’s strategic business decision-making. CI isn’t just a google search or a spreadsheet; it is about how you analyze this information to provide actionable insights. It’s about generating a substantial return on the investment you make into competitive intelligence.

Varsha Chitale tells us why a systematic monitoring of all the relevant developments in a company’s ecosystem is an essential part of competitive intelligence. She also hosted a presentation to demonstrate how to maximize the ROI on CI by selecting the right combination of primary and secondary research.

Often, competitive intelligence is gathered independently by multiple functions within an organisation. Seldom are these nuggets of useful information pooled together in a common place making it accessible to all the users. This is precisely what a competitive intelligence framework does. Read how ValueNotes helped a $15 billion firm set up a robust framework to make CI a part of their regular business review process.

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News monitoring for competitive intelligence
by Varsha Chitale
news monitoring for ci One of the key misconceptions about competitive intelligence is that it involves spying and other clandestine operations like going through a competitor’s garbage. Actually, competitive intelligence calls for the deductive skills of a Sherlock Holmes. He looks at the mundane, easily available information and clues and puts them all together to see the big picture. The trick is in being able to stand back, look at all the relevant information and listen to what it is saying to you. A systematic monitoring of all the relevant developments in a company’s ecosystem is therefore an essential part of competitive intelligence. A key tool for doing this is news monitoring.
Why a CI framework is not dispensable
by Varsha Chitale
ci framework In most companies in India, competitive intelligence is not primarily done by CI professionals. Many functions are interested in CI – sales, marketing, strategy, product development, are the common ones. But finance, HR, procurement and others also need it. The users of the intelligence (and analysis) are heads of these functions, business heads, and of course the CEO. It is perfectly OK for organizations to not have separate CI functions. But what are the drawbacks? Firstly, there could be duplication of effort, where multiple people in the company are gathering the same information. Secondly, different functions may not effectively leverage the information the other functions have.
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