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Demand for healthcare in India has outpaced supply. To put things in perspective – the country has just nine hospital beds per 10,000 population, compared to the global average of 30 beds. A growing middle class, a higher number of cases of lifestyle diseases and a lack of specialty hospitals are some of the factors driving the healthcare sector.

No surprises then why healthcare is the current favourite amongst private equity (PE) firms. According to a recent report, PE investments in India’s healthcare sector touched a record high in 2015 ($1584 million), a 22.45% increase over the previous record of 2013. The average deal size has gone up as well over the years. In addition, investors have had successful exits in the recent past.

Rising hospital fees and an overburdened healthcare delivery system has led to an interesting development in the sector – home-based healthcare. With more than a 100 million people aged over 60, and a tradition where families care for the elderly in their homes, will healthcare at home be the next big trend in India?

Do have a look at our case study where we helped our client formulate a go-to-market strategy for supplying furniture to hospitals in India.

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Deluge of investments in healthcare?
by Varsha Chitale
medical-equipment Over the last few years, the healthcare sector has seen increasing private equity investment. From around $500 million in 2011, PE investment in healthcare touched a record high of nearly $1600 million in 2015. The average size of deals has also gone up over the years. In 2015, six investments of more than $100million were made. Hospitals and clinics attracted over half the investment made, followed by pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.
Is ‘healthcare at home’ the next big trend in India
by Shivanthika Murugan
CarPrices A few days before flying to New York, Radhika Krishnan, a senior banker, was fraught with worry about her father’s health. A friend suggested considering a home healthcare service provider. There were several – Health Care at Home, India Home Healthcare, Nightingales… Mr. Krishnan is one of more than a hundred million Indians aged over 60 who may need home-based healthcare.

  • Case study : How our research helps identify high growth niche segments in hospitals
Commissioned research
Some client problems we have solved:
  • Study of the financial health of private sector hospitals in India for a VC fund
  • Market assessment study of diagnostic reagents
  • Industry report on health insurance in India
  • Market study of the domestic laboratory market
  • Drug rehabilitation industry in India
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