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Welcome to the June issue of ValueNotes Connect.Henry Ford once said, ‘Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs’. The all important present day question is – where should these cuts come from?

In today’s challenging times, market intelligence is vital to stay ahead of the competition. Why then are research budgets the first to be slashed during an economic slowdown? Arun Jethmalani explains why this is one of the worst things for businesses to do – it will only make the problem worse.

Social media research is the latest buzzword in research circles, and is being used extensively all over the world. Shilpa Eguvanti analyses the issues Indian businesses face while conducting social media research, and how its limitations can be tackled.

On another note, if you missed the SCIP India chapter meeting held in Mumbai on the 20th, you can read the update here.

We also have some big news this month. Our financial portal has been re-christened We’d like to tell you the how and why of it.

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Competitive intelligence is an overhead during a recession!
– by Arun Jethmalani
When growth is slack, and budgets are being slashed, what chance does competitive or market intelligence have? It doesn’t directly result in sales, benefits are hard to quantify – so why not cut research budgets? While this may sound logical, and is par for the course during economic slowdowns, it is definitely not a smart move. The purpose of research is to gain an edge over the competition, a need which becomes even greater during slowdowns. Cutting it out can only worsen the problem.
Can you use social media for research in India?
– by Shilpa Eguvanti
Market research is all about ‘connecting the dots’ when it comes to collecting and analyzing data, and drawing conclusive insights. Lately there has been a lot of buzz around social media globally. And that got me wondering – Why does social media research have a limited scope in India? And when can it actually work in the country?
The IndiaNotes story
– by IndiaNotes Editor
IndiaNotes We’ve moved – is now This article fills you in on our reasons behind this change, and all the new developments we have planned.
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