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In the age of digital platforms, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the world of work is bound to transform. It’s not just the nature of work that is changing, but also how we are choosing to work.

There was a time when our choice was determined by the stability that a job offered us, or what our parents considered a good job. Then came the “uberization” of work, where more and more people worked for themselves. Fast forward to today, the gig economy has become an intrinsic part of our society.

The young generation, for example, have occupations ranging from film editor, legal consultant, tour guide, psychologist, yoga teacher, musician… they all have work, but none have jobs. In a sense, they are really entrepreneurs. They have to market and sell, get the work, deliver it (if needed by collaborating with other gig workers), manage the client, collect and chase up for money, keep accounts… And they also see their work as a longer-term business, and not just a means to earn money today.

While much has been written about the future of work, we’d love to hear your views on it.

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Future of work – The rise of the individual entrepreneur

by Arun Jethmalani

Some weeks back, while chatting with my son’s friends (all in their mid-20s), I got around to asking what they were doing (typical father question :))! At some point, it hit me that none of these youngsters had a job – even though they were all working! With occupations ranging from film editor, legal consultant, tour guide, psychologist, yoga teacher, musician… they all had work, but none had jobs.


Top ten trends that impact the future of work

by Arun Jethmalani

Every major technology shift has led to job losses, and sometimes destruction of entire industries or professions. Though new jobs are created and productivity may improve, there is severe pain for the losers. Today, faced with a plethora of automation technologies coupled with employment stagnation in developed countries, there is heightened fear and uncertainty about the future. Robots (or printers) will make products, cars will drive themselves, software will answer calls and trade stocks, artificial intelligence will make decisions – so then, what will humans do?



  • Report: Digital revolution – APAC economies will emerge as global leaders


Some client problems we have solved:

  • Opportunity assessment for process digitalization in the manufacturing sector
  • Opportunity assessment in the security paper market in India
  • Research paper on the agendas & strategies of APAC economies for digital transformation
  • Opportunity assessment study for high transaction platforms
  • Market sizing of the 3D printing industry
  • Growth opportunities in the SMB IT business market in Europe


  • afaqs!: Coke’s premium smartwater is made ‘the way clouds are made’
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