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When making a decision today, businesses have access to much more data and choices than they did a few years ago. How can they use this to their advantage and make the right business decision?

Today, it is next to impossible to ignore big data and analytics. The two together can have an amazing impact on customer acquisition and retention, growth and profitability. Amidst all the hype, Arun Jethmalani wonders whether it is simply about crunching data, or delivering insight.

Making a “choice” is a difficult decision for all businesses – whether it’s about choosing an appropriate location for your manufacturing plant, or selecting the most suitable service provider. Business executives ponder over the pros and cons of the options available to them. Varsha Chitale tells us how using a rating methodologycan help overcome indecision.

On another note, our team has published two new industry research reports – on industrial compressors and heat-and-eat foods.

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Data, data, everywhere… only a drop of insight
by Arun Jethmalani
Big data & analytics These days it appears next to impossible to ignore big data and analytics. Big data is the next big thing, and analytics will provide answers to all our problems. When we’re stumped, big data will tell us what to do! And if big data doesn’t have the answer, then don’t worry – we can look at “small” data! And if we have no data, we can always mine it from social media or the Internet. We will make better marketing decisions, acquire more customers, improve profitability and beat the pants off competition. So what are we waiting for? Is this real, or hype promoted by people who want to sell us expensive hardware, software or services?
Overcoming indecision – using a rating methodology
by Varsha Chitale
Overcoming indecision - using a rating methodology A friend was looking to move his office. He finally zeroed in on two places but was unable to choose between the two. Place A was closer to home, but B was larger and had a better ambience. Place A was cheaper and quieter, but B was a longer commute for the other employees. But… The pros and cons went on. He was tying himself in knots trying to figure out what he should do. Finally we decided to apply a little research methodology to his conundrum.
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Commissioned research
Some client problems we have solved:
  • Designed a rating model to assess and benchmark training content
  • Online content benchmarking for a global consulting & technology firm
  • Customer satisfaction survey for lighting control gears for a German client
  • Cost analysis for setting up a legal BPO unit in India
  • Consumer perception for an Indian mortgage financier
ValueNotes in the news
  •  Relatively new heat-and-eat segment to nearly treble by 2019
  • MyIris: Infrastructure to boost India’s industrial compressors industry
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