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India continues to be in the spotlight with its strong domestic consumption, recent economic reforms, and expected growth rates. The country has a lot to offer in terms of investment and growth opportunities.

However, this brings attention to issues associated with doing business in India – a highly fragmented and under-documented market. Varsha Chitale shows us how you can get reliable information from well designed primary research.

Arun Jethmalani talks about the changing landscape of the market, and the gradual move from fragmentation to consolidation that he is seeing. He talks about how this will create opportunities in India for M&A and PE firms.

Varsha and Nidhi Purohit tell us why ethnographic research will prove to be valuable in the Indian business context.

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Getting reliable inputs from primary research in India
by Varsha Chitale
Getting reliable inputs from primary research in India Emerging markets like India are preferred destinations for many organisations – PE firms in search of investment opportunities, asset managers seeking higher returns, and corporations looking for new markets. But doing business in India is challenging, and hard market data is a must. Unfortunately this is not available for a lot of sectors. In the absence of reliable research and statistics, primary research is a viable alternative. But this can be reliable only if you design it well…
Why long-term M&A and private equity prospects in India are bright
– by Arun Jethmalani
Why long-term M AND A and private equity prospects in India are bright Notwithstanding current problems, PE investors understand that India will grow substantially in the long run, and an under-served population of well over a billion makes this a market that cannot be ignored. For various reasons, fragmentation in Indian industry has long been a problem. However consolidation is slowly taking place and a move to scale economies can be seen. This trend is going to accelerate. Arun Jethmalani tells us why.
Ethnographic research for success in India
– by Nidhi Purohit and Varsha Chitale
Ethnographic research for success in India Global organisations entering emerging markets have realised that they need to customise their products to suit local needs. India provides a prime location for applying ethnographic research as a tool for developing product and communication strategies. A highly diverse and fragmented market, India consists of 28 states with wide differences in income levels, economic development, education, literacy, culture, languages, and government regulations.
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