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ValueNotes Healthcare Capsule – India
Healthcare Capsule May 2015

India’s healthcare sector is ridden with myriad problems. Statistics vary depending on the source. To quote a few – Spending on healthcare as a percentage of GDP was 3.8% in 2012, compared to 17% in the US (according to the World Health Statistics 2015 published by the WHO). There are a mere 12 hospital beds, six doctors and just 13 nurses for every 10,000 people. Compare that with the ratios in the US – 31, 27 and 98 respectively.

Despite these abysmal figures, there are huge opportunities for companies supplying products and services to the healthcare sector in India. According to a recent report by IBEF, India’s healthcare market – valued at USD 80 billion – is expected to grow to USD 280 billion by 2020. An additional 1.8 million hospital beds are required to achieve the target of two beds per 1,000 people by 2025; and 1.54 million doctors are needed to make up the current shortage. The country’s government has earmarked USD 26 billion for an ambitious universal healthcare programme.

Uncovering opportunities in the healthcare sector in India – By Varsha Chitale
There are many opportunities for companies selling products and services to the healthcare sector in India. However, creating a go-to-market strategy for tapping these is a challenge. The key driver for growth is the demand-supply gap in healthcare services. Rising population, disposable incomes and literacy, an increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases, penetration of health insurance by private firms and state governments, and medical tourism have all contributed to the rise in demand for healthcare. On the supply side, there is an acute shortage of hospital beds, doctors and nurses. Read more >>
Distribution challenges for medical equipment & devices in India – By Varsha Chitale
India has a huge unmet demand for healthcare and consequently for medical devices and equipment. Most global companies, large and small, are either already selling products in India or are planning to enter the market. However, setting up a distribution network for selling in India is no mean task. Distribution systems are complex with multiple layers. Some very large MNCs like GE have avoided these challenges by partnering with a large local company (Wipro). Others need to tread cautiously and take evidence-based decisions based on rigorous research. Read more >>
ValueNotes’ voice of customer enables Fortune 100 company tap $80 million opportunity in India
Our client, a manufacturer of technology solutions, wanted to formulate a strategy to penetrate India’s growing hospital sector. They wanted to know how large their market was and how best they could approach their customers. They did not have a comprehensive understanding of hospitals’ needs and purchasing behaviour. Did the needs and purchase patterns vary by types of hospitals – public/private, specialised/multi-speciality? Did this differ across the country? How did the needs and purchase processes vary by metro and tier I, II & III cities? Read more >>
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