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September 2013
Track your competitors – Close the stable door before the horse bolts
In the last three to four years many sectors in India have seen the entry of new competitors from China, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries. They are coming in with low prices and high technology and changing the dynamics of the market. They have started eating into the market shares of the incumbent market leaders. Competitor tracking enables you to respond to such threats proactively.
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ValueNotes CI Training
Encouraged by the enthusiastic response to our training workshop last month, we are opening up more of our workshops to the CI community in India.
11th October, 2013 Friday Market Sizing Find out more…
12th October, 2013 Saturday Using Financial Statements
for Competitive Intelligence
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Market Intelligence – Why the sales force isn’t enough
One of the biggest challenges for companies is to collect, analyze and archive market intelligence. A sales team has long been recognized as one of the key sources of acquiring this kind of knowledge. They can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together as they talk to customers every day. However, collection and collation of market intelligence marketing is not an easy task for the sales force.
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Case Study

ValueNotes helps a global engineering MNC tap the $300 million market for their water filtration solution

Our client, a global engineering MNC, wanted to develop a go-to-market strategy to penetrate the water filtration market in India. The water filtration market for our client’s solution is fragmented with several small and regional players operating in different parts of the country. ValueNotes leveraged its expertise in sizing fragmented and unorganized markets using intensive primary research, to estimate the market opportunity. An incisive analysis of customer segments, business models, filtration technologies and competition enabled us to chalk out a robust go-to-market strategy for the client.

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