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September 2012
The good, the bad and the ugly of market
research in India
Industry relies on market research to provide insights for strategy formulation. But is market research reliable? This depends on the scope and the methodology used.

Find out why decision-makers worry about the reliability of syndicated reports…

Ethics of mystery shopping
Any businessman will tell you that knowing how your competitors sell their wares and at what prices is simply good business practice. But how do you get this information? Is mystery shopping ethical?

Explore the black, white and grey areas in the ethics of mystery shopping…

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Case study

ValueNotes devises a Financial Index to establish HDFC Life as a thought leader in the life insurance

HDFC Life wanted to reach out to its target customer segments. ValueNotes devised a Life Freedom Index to improve brand visibility and to get customer insights. The HDFC Life Freedom Index re-affirmed the company's key message of financial freedom in their brand philosophy – 'Sar Utha Ke Jiyo.' The company gained a high ROI on its PR spend as the findings from the survey were leveraged to gain visibility in multiple ways including press mentions, blogs, articles and events. ValueNotes' Life Freedom Index dramatically improved HDFC Life's brand visibility and thought leadership.

Find out how…

Analytics - Financial Performance Review 2012

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