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September 2011
Surprised by surprise?
Companies are caught by surprise all the time. But there are very few (if any) events that occur completely out of the blue, with no warnings at all! Early warnings signaling business risks relating to competitors, regulations, technologies, etc. are almost always there. Even in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes and cyclones, the risks are generally known, though their timing may indeed be totally unknown. It is just a question of monitoring the right places…Find out how to avoid surprises…
The perfect gift
All of us have received gifts at some time or the other – on birthdays perhaps? All gifts are fun to open, but once in a while we have received something that was exactly what we wanted – the perfect gift. And that gift stood above all others – how could the giver possibly have known exactly what we wanted?Why competitive intelligence is the perfect gift…
Case study

ValueNotes provides early warning by independently confirming market rumours

A leading chemical manufacturer encountered a market rumour that one of its competitors was setting up manufacturing for a specialty chemical. They wanted to independently confirm the rumour and get a few specific details on the plans.

The speciality chemicals industry is very niche and closely guarded. Because of the strategic nature of competitor’s plans, very few people were aware of them. ValueNotes employed appropriate methodologies to discretely obtain reliable data-points on the competitor’s moves and pieced them together to create a coherent understanding of its strategy.

A case study of how early warning enabled the company to refine its market strategy.

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