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India’s healthcare sector is under-served and under-financed, to put it mildly. There is a shortage of nurses, medical practitioners, hospital beds, diagnostic products & services, and medical devices; and inadequate medical technology and e-health services. Healthcare costs are soaring. A mere 25% of the population is covered by some form of health insurance. The country’s spend on health was 1.3% of GDP in 2015-2016; abysmally low when compared to other BRIC countries. The government announced universal and affordable healthcare for all, but very little has been done so far. The list goes on…

Despite the woeful situation, with rising incomes and consumption, the market will most certainly keep growing in the foreseeable future. The healthcare sector continues to be a favourite among private equity firms. According to a report published by Venture Intelligence, PE investments in healthcare & life sciences touched a record high of $1584 million in 2015 (across 50 deals). In addition to favourable macro factors, the big boost for PE investment is the track record of successful exits.

India’s semi-urban and rural areas are largely untapped, offering huge opportunities for players in the healthcare sector. But there are challenges. Take, for example, medical devices. Suppliers are expected to offer lower price points, while grappling with distribution challenges and providing after-sales service. How are they able to overcome this?

Case study
Hospitals: Research helps identify high growth niche segments

As the healthcare sector in India continues to see double-digit growth, the proliferation of new private players has resulted in many new segments – low-cost chains, small single or multi-specialty hospitals, doctor versus corporate owned, etc. Each of these have very different needs and buying/purchasing behaviour.


Our client – a leading provider of furniture to hospitals – was keen to establish the

  • market opportunity for their 30+ products
  • buying preferences, price sensitivity and decision-making by type of hospital


ValueNotes developed a market sizing model, with demand-side estimates that were validated by supply-side intelligence. Interviews with nearly 200 hospitals across 19 cities…


Read about how we helped our client formulate a go-to-market strategy for supplying furniture to hospitals in India


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