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November 2012
Lest you topple…
Decision-making without competitive intelligence may lead businesses to losing their pole position. Corporate history globally, and in India, is rife with examples of companies that have lost their market positions. Some have become high profile case studies, but many others have gone unreported.

Find out how companies can guard themselves from toppling…

FDI in multi-brand retail is Heating up the Cold (Chain Sector)
Although the recent move on allowing FDI for cold chain industry has received a cold response, we believe that the industry will grow significantly as multi brand retail is no longer a distant dream.

Find out what the government’s move means for the cold chain sector…

Case study

ValueNotes Voice of Customer (VoC) enables engineering company develop high value revenue stream

An engineering company that provides equipment and solutions for the process industry has built up a formidable knowledge based on ways to improve efficiency of their customers’ systems. They wanted to assess the opportunity to offer additional knowledge based services to help optimise their customers’ operation. ValueNotes delivered deep customer intelligence, analysis and recommendations that helped our client design a new highly profitable service line for existing clients.

Find out how…

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