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Top ten trends that impact the future of work
Every major technology shift has led to job losses, and sometimes destruction of entire industries or professions. Though new jobs are created and productivity may improve, there is severe pain for the losers.Today, faced with a plethora of automation technologies coupled with employment stagnation in developed countries, there is heightened fear and uncertainty about the future.
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Will genetic testing disrupt the traditional clinical diagnostics industry?
In recent years, rapid advances in genomics have made gene sequencing available for commercial applications in healthcare and diagnostics. Genetic testing is being used for diagnosing diseases; identifying mutations in genes that have either caused a disease or are likely to cause one in the future; identifying genes that could be passed on to children; and screening new born babies…
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Technology forecasting in the metal cutting & metal forming industries


To remain competitive in the global markets, it was imperative that manufacturers in the machine tool industry kept track of the R&D initiatives by leading players, the anticipated developments & technology substitutions over the next 20 years.


ValueNotes presented a possible future scenario of the metal cutting & metal forming industry. For the technology forecasting study we used the Delphi technique, the most suitable method for consensus-building.


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