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May 2014
The distribution advantage in Indian markets
Competitive advantage stems from multiple sources. It could be brand, technology or patents, a natural monopoly, access to rare (or cheap) resources or a combination of several factors. Sustaining above normal growth and profitability requires companies to sustain or enhance the competitive advantage. While brand, patents and such like corner much attention – in a market like India, distribution is one of the most critical competitive advantages (or barriers).
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Short Industry Reports
ValueNotes “Short Industry Reports” serve as a first reference point to understand key sectors and sub-sectors in India.
Warehousing Industry in India, 2013-17
Integrated Cold Chain Industry in India, 2013-17
Switchgear and Control Gear Industry in India, 2013-17
Packaged Bottled Water Market in India 2013-18
Reforms in the power sector – A good sign for the switchgear and control gear market
After a period of weak growth in the electrical equipment industry on account of delays in project execution, high import growth and depreciating rupee, there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the electrical equipment industry. Progress in power transmission and distribution sector, reforms, and demand from the expanding sectors like infrastructure and real estate have provided a boost to the electrical equipment industry.
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Case Study

ValueNotes enables global components manufacturer to increase sales by 25%

Our client had a very low market share in the low voltage switchgear components market. Their primary need was to increase their market share by partnering with panel builders, who they believed were the key influencers. The client wanted to identify the top regional players who they could partner with for increasing their sales.

The switchgear panel manufacturing industry is highly fragmented and geographically scattered. ValueNotes conducted around 100 in depth interviews with various stakeholders across the country to provide actionable intelligence on the key influencers in the low voltage switchgear value chain.

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