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May 2013
So you think you know the Indian business culture?
There is a lot of literature on the Indian business culture, but most of it relates to what I think is the relatively easy stuff – Indian standard time, business etiquette, and management styles. The deeper cultural aspects relate to psyche of decision makers in India. They are hard to put down in a neat little check list, but have a significant impact on key commercial decisions of companies in India.

What are the less talked-about aspects of the Indian business culture…

Economics of offering the Cash-On-Delivery in e-commerce in India
Cash-on-delivery is the preferred mode of payment for most online shoppers in India. However, this has also created a lot of sticky situations for the ecommerce companies. They are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the economics of COD. Why is it so? And what strategies will help companies manage the problems effectively?

Find out…

White Paper

The Effect of LED Growth on the CFL Market in India

Despite being one of the oldest industries of the modern world, the lighting industry is still evolving with the introduction of new, energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and products. This white paper, commissioned by BAG Electronics, discusses how new technology is impacting the industry, with the latest in the world of lighting finding its way into the Indian market, led by LEDs.

The report presents how this market will shape up in the years going forward, with a focus on the effect of LEDs on the current dominant technology viz. CFLs.

Read this very popular whitepaper…

Webinar – Navigating India’s complex market using actionable intelligence
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