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May 2012
Diagnosis for strategy formulation
Treating a patient for the wrong ailment will not make the patient better, but may actually harm him. The same holds true for an organization. If the diagnosis of key obstacles and challenges in an organization are wrongly identified, it will fail to meet its objectives, irrespective of the strategy adopted.

Find out how CI plays a key role in the diagnosis

Value for money: which research technique?
Primary vs Secondary Research – Do you select the research technique on the basis of the budget available to you? Do you decide based on what your team is good at? Do you decide on the basis of the time available to you? The choices you will make are not always obvious

Find out how to decide the right mix of research techniques

Case study

ValueNotes helps a MNC tap a USD 350bn (2015) opportunity

Prompted by strong competitor activity in the Indian market, our client approached us to get on-the-ground intelligence and identify opportunities in the payment solutions market in India. Estimating the size of the opportunity in a nascent market in India was challenging, because of inadequate documentation, uncertain regulations, and variety of technologies. ValueNotes leveraged its expertise in market sizing and strong industry networks to address gain deep insights. Our research helped the client formulate a strategy for the USD 350bn (2015) potential India market.

Find out how…

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