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Points of reference
Companies undertake competitive benchmarking as they need to know where they stand vis-à-vis the best among their peers. While all information about the competitors is “nice to know”, it costs money to get it. Whether it is worth spending money on getting the information depends on what we plan to do with the information.What parameters should you benchmark?
Reading the numbers right
‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure’ is the management adage most companies live by, and this extends to measuring the competitive environment too. CI analysts seek out data and are bombarded with different figures. They need to know how much they can trust the numbers thrown at them.Find out how you can make sense of the numbers…
Case study

Valuation of an emerging IT firm for a PE fund

Accurate and reliable valuation of a company requires much more than an objective assessment of its financial numbers.

A US based PE fund needed to assess a potential investment target – an Indian IT consulting firm. Find out how ValueNotes leveraged its domain expertise and networks in the IT industry to evaluate the attractiveness of the investment opportunity for the client with a short timeframe.

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