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March 2013
Why structured “Voice of Customer” studies help in customer retention
Today, as global and local economies struggle to grow, unhappy customers are more inclined to move to a lower-cost competitor. Research has shown that customer retention can do more for your top-line and bottom-line than traditional sales efforts. There is a greater need for a scientific, yet largely qualitative research process to understand the Voice of each Customer. Unlike B2C businesses, where one focuses on what the majority want; in B2B, one has to create custom solutions for each customer.

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Perils of conducting a 'Voice of Customer' Study In-house
Recently when I purchased a new car, the service executive at the shop asked me to sign a blank customer feedback form, that too before I got the delivery of the car! Obviously he wanted a good feedback which could have given him better incentives. But the big question here is – was the purpose of the feedback survey served in this case?

Find out why objectivity in customer feedback is critical…

White Paper

VoC – Leveraging customer inputs to accelerate business objectives

Successful companies place the customer at the heart of their business. Their strategies are based on the Voice of their Customers.

ValueNotes conducted a survey of senior decision-makers in Indian as well as multinational companies to find out if they gather customer inputs, how they do so and how they use the inputs. We found that most companies do seek customer feedback; they generally do this in-house; and they would like to use the customer inputs for decision-making – for product design, improving service, etc. However, they are not able to get adequate insights in order to do this effectively.

This white paper describes the key factors that go into a successful VoC initiative – appropriate design, and in-depth, unbiased and objective qualitative interviews with customers.

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VoC Questionnaire
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