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March 2012
Don’t let “bad data” obscure your CI goals
Good insights don’t need 100% data availability and accuracy. Unnecessary pre-occupation with data reliability could well obscure the ultimate objective. Whether good or bad, data can still be used to derive actionable insights.

Find out how to make use of what is available

Are you a CI professional, or just practicing by chance?
Most competitive intelligence practitioners get into their role by accident, but have a passion for it. However, only a few get a chance to formally learn the intricacies of CI.

How can CI education fortify your passion?

Case study

Software MNC fine-tunes its go-to-market strategy to win against its key competitor in India

Approaching a problem from different directions simultaneously can help to piece together the seemingly random bits of information to look at the big picture. ValueNotes correctly estimated granular breakup of India revenues and the sales team structure of a global IT giant using innovative approaches. We collected information that accelerated our client’s growth in India.

Find out how…

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