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June 2014
News monitoring for competitive intelligence
One of the key misconceptions about competitive intelligence is that it involves spying and other clandestine operations like going through a competitor’s garbage. Actually, competitive intelligence calls for the deductive skills of a Sherlock Holmes. He looks at the mundane, easily available information and clues and puts them all together to see the big picture.
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Short Industry Reports
ValueNotes “Short Industry Reports” serve as a first reference point to understand key sectors and sub-sectors in India.
Warehousing Industry in India, 2013-17
Integrated Cold Chain Industry in India, 2013-17
Switchgear and Control Gear Industry in India, 2013-17
Packaged Bottled Water Market in India 2013-18
Getting reliable inputs from primary research in India
Doing business in India is fraught with challenges, one of them being the lack of adequate published data. In the absence of published research and reliable statistics, one has to rely on primary research. But can you really base your investment decision on what a bunch of people are telling you? Will you get reliable inputs? The answer is yes, if you design your primary research well.
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Case Study

Research support helps advisory firm deliver high quality service

An international research and advisory group needed to track news, financial intelligence, and people movement of industry players for multiple sectors such as construction, mining, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, ship building, etc. across the globe. The key challenges they faced were – geographically dispersed customers across Europe, East Asia, North America, a quick turnaround on research, and daily deliverables across time zones.

Their in-house team simply could not handle the volume of work, time zones and turnaround times effectively. ValueNotes set up a centralized research support cell for the client, providing assistance at every level of the value chain and helped them expand their business as well as maintain a high level of quality and customer satisfaction.

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