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Is B2B manufacturing already a service?
There is a lot of discussion about “manufacturing as a service” – which is mostly about disruptive cloud-based models we might see at some point in the future. However, success in manufacturing is really determined by the quality of service that manufacturers provide.
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Insights & Publications
Competitive Intelligence: Are you seeking the right answers?
A webinar that provides insights on “needs assessment” to translate the business objectives of an organisation into the “right” questions it must ask about its environment.
Social media for CI…‘Like’?
A ValueNotes presentation on the trends & limitations of using social media for gathering CI, and the types of information that consultants and corporations look for on social media.
Back to basics
Analysts often get so involved in the “activity” they do, that they forget why they do it. They optimise the process, perfect the mechanics, plan the logistics and polish the presentation templates. But they forget to look at the big picture. When they lose the strategy perspective, they miss the opportunity to make that critical value addition which converts research to insights.
How can analysts ensure that CI is always linked to strategy?
Case study
ValueNotes helps a leading multinational IT firm improve their online presence

A leading global IT service company wanted to optimize their content and online presence in order to stay ahead of their competition. In order to do this, they needed to regularly monitor what their competitors were doing on social media and corporate platforms. ValueNotes’ comprehensive benchmarking and actionable insights highlighted specific ways in which our client could improve their online marketing communication.

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