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July 2014
Overcoming indecision – using a rating methodology
Recently my friend was looking to move his office. He finally zeroed in on two places, but was simply not able to choose between them. The pros and cons had him tied up in knots. A little research methodology came to his rescue. How useful is the rating methodology for making business decisions?
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Short Industry Reports
ValueNotes “Short Industry Reports” serve as a first reference point to understand key sectors and sub-sectors in India.
Industrial Compressors Industry in India 2014-19
Warehousing Industry in India, 2013-17
Integrated Cold Chain Industry in India, 2013-17
Switchgear and Control Gear Industry in India, 2013-17
Packaged Bottled Water Market in India 2013-18
Diagnosis for strategy formulation
Treating a patient for the wrong ailment will not make the patient better, but may actually harm him. This is as true for an organization as for the human body. Strategy formulation (and planning) is undertaken at least once a year in most organizations; and more often than that in some organizations. However, if the key obstacles and challenges are wrongly identified, how can the strategy hope to succeed?
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White Paper

Competitor profiling: Many needs behind the need

Competitor analysis is a key input in the strategic planning process. It enables the organization to analyze its own position in the industry. While the need for the profile is generally clear, the end users are typically ill-defined.

As a result, the information presented is misaligned with their needs, resulting in a sub-optimal return on the investment made by the analysts. This white paper presents a framework for efficiently creating competitor profiles that meet the needs of multiple users in the organization.

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