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July 2013
Can you really get competitive intelligence by monitoring news?
Everybody reads news daily, so why do we need to monitor it? After all, most senior executives have their eyes peeled out for any news related to their area of work! Actually, news monitoring as a competitive intelligence tool does not have the glamour that say, war gaming, or benchmarking has, but is highly valuable.

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Competitive intelligence is an overhead during a recession!
Recessions are periods of heightened competitive intensity. But when growth is slack, and budgets are being brutally slashed, what chance does competitive or market intelligence have? It doesn’t directly result in a sale, benefits are hard to quantify – so why not cut the research budgets and the people?

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Case Study

ValueNotes regular market intelligence gathering helps engineering MNC to proactively stay ahead of its peers

ValueNotes designed specifications to meet the client’s intelligence needs. We regularly monitored the client's ecosystem through intensive secondary research, augmented with focused primary research. ValueNotes analysis was delivered through dynamic dashboards that were updated periodically. They enabled the client to take superior strategic decisions with a higher degree of confidence in a timely fashion.

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