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July 2012

Selling competitive intelligence internally
What can the CI team do to convince the decision-makers of the value that CI can bring to the organization? How can they get all employees in the organization to participate in the CI process?

Find out how to get an internal buy-in for CI in your organization…

Automobile industry slowdown: Pit stop or pit fall
After 8 years of driving on the highway, automobile industry has hit bumpy roads. What lies at the end of the road – a pit stop or a pit fall?

Read more on strategies being adopted to sail smoothly past the slowdown…

CI Webinar on seeking the right answers

Case study

ValueNotes helps a farm equipment manufacturer enhance market penetration

While major agricultural pockets in India are already being served by most farm equipment manufacturers, no single player serves the sector with an end to end product range. Using incisive primary research ValueNotes identified pockets of unmet demand that the client could tap. Our actionable intelligence provided is helping the client improve market penetration in rural areas.

Find out how…

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