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Should you trash competitor profiles?
Competitor profiles is possibly the most frequently produced competitive intelligence output. But it is also perhaps one that is least critically evaluated. It is one of those things that are done because we have always done them; it never occurs to us to question why. Some CI gurus have questioned the very need for creating competitor profiles.

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Flexible ethics
Most companies want to be and claim to be on the right side of the fine line that demarcates ethical CI from low life espionage. Only, different people and companies draw lines at different places

.What is ethical CI?

Market intelligence: how to recognise reliable information
Case study

ValueNotes helps an international asset manager save US$50m

Investors risk making wrong decisions particularly in the unorganised sectors in India where there is no data available.

An international asset manager was planning to make direct investments in Indian retail-shopping properties. The firm wanted to assess attractiveness of opportunity in the Indian retail sector in the context of hype and exuberant projections in the media and industry research.

ValueNotes used extensive primary research to uncover ground realities and enabled the client to rationalize their go-to-market decisions.

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