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Distribution challenges for medical equipment & devices in India
India has a huge unmet demand for healthcare and consequently for medical devices and equipment. Most global companies, large and small, are either already selling products in India or are planning to enter the market. However, setting up a distribution network for selling in India is no mean task. Distribution systems are complex with multiple layers.
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Short Industry reports
ValueNotes “Short Industry Reports” serve as a first reference point to understand key sectors and sub-sectors in India.
Chocolate industry in India 2014-19
Home water purifier industry in India 2014-2019
Heat and eat foods Industry in India 2014-19
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Seven reasons why companies should (must?) invest in India
For multinational corporations, India has not been an easy market to do business in – especially over the past few years. In recent months, there has been renewed hope due to a new government. However, this has also led to some unrealistic expectations. Things may not happen as quickly as many expect, and several reforms may be delayed or de-railed by vested interests. If so, then why do I think corporations should (indeed, must!) invest in India?
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Navigating India’s complex market using actionable intelligence

What with a challenging regulatory regime, huge cultural differences within a large geography, and very poor levels of documentation / research – doing business in India can be daunting. ValueNotes presented a free webinar on “Navigating India’s complex market using actionable intelligence”. This webinar provides pointers on ways of gaining actionable market intelligence to untangle the business complexities in India. These are demonstrated through insightful case studies.

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