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Competitive intelligence and street lighting
Everyone would like the streets to be lit, but individually, each person would like to avoid paying for streetlights. If my neighbours on both sides put streetlights outside their homes, I don’t really need to put one outside mine. The street is adequately lit. Of course, each resident will use this logic. So, left solely to the residents, the streets will remain dark. The government needs to step in and provide the lighting that everybody really needs and wants.What does this has to do with competitive intelligence?
Intuition and CI
In order to stay ahead of the game, senior managers are required to take fast decisions. They do the best they can based on whatever inputs they have available to them at the time. They augment the CI available to them with their own intuition and gut feel.

But how reliable is intuition ?

Case study

Mining social media for actionable inputs

Millions of people increasingly use social media to collaborate, network, troubleshoot, communicate and express their opinions, preferences, joys, fears, anxieties, complaints…

What a tremendous source of intelligence! – if tapped efficiently.

Here is a case of how we used social media to provide inputs on product design…

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