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Intuition and Competitive Intelligence
In order to stay ahead of the game, senior managers are required to take fast decisions. They do the best they can based on whatever inputs they have available to them at the time. They augment the CI available to them with their own intuition and gut feel. But how reliable is intuition?
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Short Industry reports
ValueNotes “Short Industry Reports” serve as a first reference point to understand key sectors and sub-sectors in India.
Faucets Industry in India 2014-19
Industrial Compressors Industry in India 2014-19
Heat and eat foods Industry in India 2014-19
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Should you trash competitor profiles?
Competitor profiles are possibly the most frequently produced competitive intelligence output. But it is also perhaps one that is least critically evaluated. Mere compilation of information that is easily available on the Internet is of little use. It is the analysis and recommendations that are valuable to an organisation. We discussed competitor profiles at a SCIP session…
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Case study
ValueNotes CI helps global IT giant win against its key competitor in India

A global IT products company needed intelligence on the operations of a leading software company in India to establish its revenues with a region- and product-wise break-up. Understanding the competitor’s revenue structure and sales structure in India was of immense strategic value to our client. Since the company was not listed in India, ValueNotes conducted intensive primary research and pieced together the data-points to gain a clear understanding of the big picture.

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