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February 2012
Talking to Strangers – for competitive intelligence
For gaining competitive advantage, you need to have better insights than your competitors. While secondary information is equally available to all, eliciting primary information requires skills. Most analysts have a mental block when it comes to primary research.
Find out how to make use of what is available
The future is already here – can you read the signals?
It is possible to anticipate the future by looking for signals of change. Weak signals allow the analysts to anticipate what the future will be and hence caution the organization to proactively prepare for it. The company that recognizes the trend first, stands to gain advantage over its competitors…
Find out how analysts can gaze into the future?
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CI-What Is Its Value For Your Business
Case study

ValueNotes helps global consulting firm gain valuable insights through interviews with 75+ CXO’s

Senior management can add more to your understanding of the industry dynamics in just a few minutes than several days of desk research. It is however, very difficult to get the top people in a company to spare time for this, given their busy schedules and other priorities. You need to have credibility and strong industry network to reach these senior executives.

Here is how ValueNotes leveraged its long standing industry networks and relationships to set up over 75 interviews with CXO level executives and decision-makers for a UK based management consulting company.

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