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Why structured “Voice of Customer” studies help in customer retention
As global and local economies struggle to grow, traditional sales and marketing strategies are proving less and less effective. The RoI on sales & marketing has fallen significantly as new customers are few and far between even as sales costs are rising. At the same time, unhappy customers are more inclined to move to a lower-cost competitor. Research has shown that customer retention can do more for your top-line and bottom-line than traditional sales efforts.
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White paper: Leveraging customer inputs to accelerate business objectives                                                  
A survey of senior decision-makers to find out how they gather customer feedback and how they use the inputs to their advantage.
Five voice-of-customer features which score over customer satisfaction surveys
The challenges to human communication are well documented. If communication between individuals can be so challenging, then what about communication between two organizations of at least a 100 people each! Clients often ask us what’s more effective – Customer Satisfaction Studies or Surveys (CSS) or in-depth Voice of Customer (VoC) studies. A tricky question, given that getting the feedback process in a B2B scenario “just right” has occupied significant mindshare.
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Case study
Win-loss analysis helps increase sales conversions by 30%  

An IT products company wanted to enhance their lead generation and prospecting processes to improve their sales conversion rates. Their sales pipeline was hugely unpredictable. They were unable to predict which accounts they were likely to win, either by vertical or end-user industry or geography. They couldn’t understand why they were winning certain types of projects and losing others.

Our analysis of the client’s customer data (current & lost bids) for the last three financial years helped establish whether there was a correlation between customer groups, industries and sectors.

Find out how ValueNotes’ win-loss analysis helped the client re-orient their sales & marketing strategy


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