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December 2013
Of Opinion Polls, Market Research and Indian Elections
Elections are back, and so are opinion polls. As usual, this has caused much acrimonious debate – not only on the results, but on the efficacy of opinion polls themselves. One group dismisses all polls as unscientific, another views them as biased or manipulated, while yet others want them banned. Arun Jethmalani argues that the fundamentals of market research need to be applied to opinion polls to make them more reliable. Read more…
Short Industry Reports
ValueNotes “Short Industry Reports” serve as a first reference point to understand key sectors and sub-sectors in India.
Warehousing Industry in India, 2013-17
Integrated Cold Chain Industry in India, 2013-17
How Goods & Service Tax (GST) will revolutionize warehousing in India
Till about a decade ago, warehousing in India was synonymous with a shed – four walls, no ventilation, no temperature controls and a lack of hygiene. Even today, a large part of warehousing continues to be unorganized with mostly sheds for storage. The GST, which will replace other indirect taxes, will eliminate the cascading effect of taxes and reduce the price differences by making all regional tax liabilities equal. Going forward, this will be a key growth driver for the warehousing industry in India. Find out why…
White Paper

Competitor profiling: Many needs behind the need

Competitor analysis is a key input in the strategic planning process. It enables the organization to analyze its own position in the industry. While the need for the profile is generally clear, the end users are typically ill-defined. As a result, the information presented is misaligned with their needs, resulting in a sub-optimal return on the investment made by the analysts.

This white paper presents a framework for efficiently creating competitor profiles that meet the needs of multiple users in the organization.


Find out how…


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