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Competitive intelligence on a shoestring
Companies that have limited resources at their disposal need to figure out ways to do CI on small budgets. In developed economies which are well documented, this generally means smart use of free internet tools of various kinds to keep tabs on the industry, regulation, competition, etc. In India, these tools have limited use, as there is miniscule business information available on the Internet…

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In order to defend effectively, you must know how to attack
“…That general is skillful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skillful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack.” – Sun Tzu, Chinese General & military strategist. From knowing how CI is done, it is possible for companies to protect information that they don’t want the competition to know.

Insights on counter-intelligence…

Case study

ValueNotes helps a German utility metering company with India market entry

A global service provider of solutions for consumption-based billing wanted to explore the opportunities in electricity, water and piped gas metering in India.

The utilities metering market in India is a tricky one to evaluate as utilities come under the jurisdiction of the States; the three sectors have very different levels of maturity, legislations, and documentation across different States; and there is very little published information. Further, the piped gas market is very nascent. ValueNotes employed appropriate methodologies and approaches in different states, sectors and markets, to evolve actionable recommendations for the client.

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