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Five debates about Competitive Intelligence that will never be resolved
Some debates never die – like the origin of the species, or left brain vs. right brain. Competitive intelligence professionals also have pet issues and topics that will probably never be truly resolved, but are debated endlessly at every conference.
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Short Industry reports
ValueNotes “Short Industry Reports” serve as a first reference point to understand key sectors and sub-sectors in India.
Biscuits and Cookies industry in India 2015-19
Industrial compressors industry in India 2014-19
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Looking within
“There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it.” ~ Elizabeth A. Behnke. The richest sources of competitive intelligence are the internal ones within the organization itself. However, these are also generally the least exploited one…
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Case study
Due diligence saves a motorcycle major from being duped

Trust is a key ingredient in successful joint ventures. And this is based on transparency and having in-depth knowledge of the potential partner. Slick presentations and smart websites sometimes hide the true picture. Getting to know the ground realities is vital.

Here is a case of how our due diligence saved our client from being duped…

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