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April 2013
Why long-term M&A and private equity prospects in India are bright
Indian industry is for the most part, highly fragmented due to many reasons such as small local markets, historical impediments to large businesses, barriers to domestic trade, undeveloped private equity and M&A markets, family ownership and inheritance culture, and others. Yet, this is changing – and as market forces exert themselves, there is a gradual (but sure) consolidation and move to scale economies.

Find out why this is an opportunity for M&A and private equity…

Getting reliable inputs from primary research in India
Doing business in India is fraught with uncertainties, primarily because for most sectors, there is very little information available. In the absence of published research and reliable statistics, one has to rely on primary research. But can you really base your investment decision on what a bunch of people are telling you? Will you get reliable inputs? The answer is yes, if you design your primary research well.

Find out how to design reliable primary research…

Case Study

ValueNotes enables global components manufacturer to increase sales by 25%

A global manufacturer of components for low voltage switchgear had a very low market share in India. Their primary need was to increase their market share by partnering with panel builders, who they believed were the key influencers. ValueNotes research identified and shortlisted potential partners for the client and provided specific action points to increase sales of their components by 25% over a 2 years period.

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Webinar – Navigating India’s complex market using actionable intelligence
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