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Value of competitive intelligence
Competitive intelligence, to the extent that it provides an early warning system for companies, is akin to an insurance product that protects them from nasty surprises. Like insurance, for companies that do not do CI, its value is only perceived when something goes wrong. The key is to recognise its value before things go wrong…How can that be done?
From information to intelligence
All competitors have access to similar data and information. But only a few of them are able to leverage it to ink success stories. Intelligence is understanding the implication of the information for a company. And this is what differentiates the winners from the also-rans..Find out why…
Webinar: Competitive Intelligence in fragmented, undocumented and unorganised markets
ValueNotes hosted this webinar on 6 April 2011. View the webinar here
Case study

ValueNotes helps global printer company increase market share in India

Understanding market dynamics in depth is critical for designing a marketing strategy. ValueNotes unearthed deep insights on the market dynamics in the micro printer market in India. This helped the client understand why they were losing market share and consequently how to tackle the challenges.

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