Market intelligence for developing a strategy to boost market share


A leading global printer company wanted to revisit their market strategy in India. The company was losing market share in the country and was not able to address the problem in the absence of actionable market analysis. The company wanted to understand the dynamics of the micro printer market in India in order to:

– Determine the causes of fall in its market share in India

– Understand ways to increase its footprint further in India, given its already established presence in the country

– Get an insight into the market dynamics to improvise the existing marketing strategy


The micro printer market in India is fairly big and comprises four different product types; namely, bar code printers, card printers, kiosk printers and mobile printers. Each of them is technically very different with unique applications, and there is very little overlap even in the customer segments.


Intensive primary research + trusted local associates = reliable inputs


ValueNotes identified appropriate respondents for primary research to:

– Obtain sensitive information such as production capacity, sales revenue, distributor margins

– Identify the products’ end users

– Understand demand and consumer preferences for different types of printers to assess the level of market penetration


ValueNotes conducted 120 interviews (telephonic & face-to-face) with competitors, distributors, experts, OEM customers and end customers across 6 industry verticals, each with 8-10 sub-segments to gather appropriate inputs for refining the client’s market strategy. We held in-depth discussions with industry experts that gave us a macro perspective on the Indian printer market. Further, we also employed trusted local associates to obtain some updated official records that were otherwise tricky to source. A large sample of respondents across various stakeholders enabled us to validate our information and deliver accurate and reliable findings.


Intensive and focussed research for a superior market-ready strategy


ValueNotes’ research provided the client with the following inputs that shaped its future market penetration strategy:

– Trends and future growth possibilities in the Indian market

– Accurate information on the type of projects and future strategies of the client’s competitors


From the supplier’s perspective, we provided the client with crucial information on:

– Problems faced by customers while using the printers

– After sales service offered by micro printer companies

– Various types of technologies that printer manufacturing companies use


Additionally, ValueNotes set up face-to-face appointments for the client.


Based on the actionable analysis provided by ValueNotes, the client was able to develop its strategy for the country.

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